People . Making . Stories

For Sophie, inspiration for the brand came in 2013, in the shape of a left-handed carpenter. He was unable to find garments hardy enough for day-to-day work, but also refined enough for client meetings. And crucially, the pockets for his mechanical pencil and ruler were always on the wrong side. Taking a simple smock shape as a blank canvas, Sophie created the ideal garment. Her passion for functional beauty grew from there.

"Making useful garments for practical people is a fascination of mine”, says Sophie.

Our garments are released series by series; taking the utilitarianism of Japanese heritage workwear and employing techniques and influences drawn from British tailoring and sportswear.

All garments are created with movement for practical work in mind. Each human body is different, yet we are united in movement. So while each wearer’s journey and purpose may vary, the need for function, comfort and response remains constant. Ergonomically designed to liberate motion, we offer clothing to play in, work in and to live in.

The shape of S. Hawkins garments have developed over the years, slowly refining, working to achieve a perfect balance between unyielding construction and fluidity of movement.

Ethically produced, using only 100% natural cloth, all garments are created to endure. The products are designed to come to life through wear, through repair and eventually through bequeathment to others. These are to be storied garments; pieces that proudly show their heritage and use, pieces that evolve with you, the wearer.

"For Series A, all fabrics are special limited edition cottons that can’t be found again”, says Sophie. On the look out for ecological fabrics in beautiful textures, Sophie made Series A by upcycling luxury cottons with as little as fifteen meters left on the roll.

The core pieces in Series A are manufactured in the north of England. With some special editions also made to order, by the S. Hawkins studio in London. Each garment is created with remnant 100% cotton, from a selection of weaves and weights, and then individually numbered, resulting in unique, personal pieces.